According to the letters, FRIEND should be person who:

Fight for You, Respect in You, Involve You,

Encourage You, Need You,

Deserve You, Save You

( Unknown )


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Need an instant joy supplement??

Have lot of friends!


Yes, life is actually that easy. By having good friends, your day is colorful and you’ll never feel empty. Friend is one of the easiest way to have a happy life. They share you good and bad, make smile, laugh and feel the pain together. They enrich you and content you, and at the same times, with your connection, you don’t realize you’ve given it back to them.


No Need Perfect Person

The best thing about friendship is fact that you no need perfect person or to be a perfect person to comfort each other. All you need is to become your self and enjoy each moment. You can scream like crazy, tell them all stupid jokes or complaint anything. Sometimes they don’t listen. Sometimes they listen too much and annoy you for their lecture. Though, it’s all the matter, it’s just how every friendship work differently for everyone. Whatever, you will enjoy your friendship and be happy for that.


Sometimes You will Feel Your Friend is Stupid

Yes, it doesn happen anytime. Sometimes she act whatever she wants and show you the stupidity. I promise she couldn’t show it to anyone. It’s just she knows it’s comfort being with you and you just love her for whoever she is. She has no border to showing herself on you. She just love it!


Don’t forget, you could act like stupid too in front of them. Show them who you are and make you enjoy this relationship. They may throw a joke on you, but it’s not due to anything else, it’s just how your friendship has their own color and style!