gimme the chance
then I’d turn the stone into the gold
gimme the chance,
let me show you I’m better than half of egg
gimme the chance…
I want to color your world in seconds
gimme the chance…
I can shut my mouth and give you the proof, 
forget my mistake, see what I’ve given
forgive my grade, you can find my strong willing 
sad poetry, sad poem, broken heart, upset, disappointment, chance


gimme the chance…
I only want the chance
to turn one tree into a wide forest
I only want the chance..
you know how much I need the chance, you know I won’t let it waste…
even you just treat me like a trash, I don’t mind, I wish for a chance
you leave me hurt, I don’t mind, I only want the chance.. 
how long I have to wait?
how much I have to sacrifice?
everything I did is for your ambition, then you leave me feel nothing
have no doubt about me!
I could turn the mirror into the window
hear me and watch over me: I expect nothing but the chance
I’d change my life and make it worthwhile! 
open your eyes widely, see my effort!
even I’m just the ugly rose lack of water!
please gimme the chance,
I promise I won’t let it waste