Once upon a time…
( Shout to everyone in high tone ) “Hey… folks!! I just purchased the golds! No… no… no…, it’s not 2 kilos gold ha, but it’s 5 kilos!! I waste my months of salary just to invest this, but that’s okay… gold price is increase time by time, folks,…. We’ll get multiple result in the end!”.
Oh hay, that’s Ali, my office mate. He is not a rich man at all, not a great man yet, and not employee in plume position yet. He is known as big mouth man and over confidence, feels like he is the smartest one compared to others. He wastes 5 from his 8 hours office hours just to shout out all of his business, money, science ( He is very smart in giving theory to people), newest and expensive electronic stuff, Forex  money invest, unmanageable website and so on. He tried his luck on Forex recently. He sent $375 to Forex sites and learn trading. All of our friends know this, but we never know the real result. He is the beginner and it’s never been so easy. All I know, we are tiring of his speech. He is way too proud of his self, everyone were below of his feet!
I sit right near him in office. I just can’t deny that I’m tiring of listening him everyday, every hours and every seconds talking about money, wealth, science, theory and blah… blah… blah… I feel both confuse and pity to him, does he motivate his self or beg for an attention? Beg an attention for what reason? Oh yea, he means to get response and praise from close friends, such as “How great you’re Ali!”, “How do you make it?”, “You’re the most brilliant ever”.
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Well, he’s not that real great. He talks about expensive gadget that still on his dream –he can mention the exact price of every gadget but haven’t purchased the new one. We all never know about kilos of gold that he told everyday. We never see the proof of his Forex works or his other invest scheme. He doesn’t even buy car yet after months of wealth repeated story.
Some people scold him back, but he never realize. He just know about his self and his ( dream ) wealth. I breath in, “Oh my Gosh! You’re not great yet, dude…. Move slow, patient and don’t be arrogant. See other successful. They seem to be down to earth, before and after get their mission done. Look out yourself in the mirror. People laugh you out!”

Oh Boy!
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